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DILATED PEOPLES : Expansion Team Theme lyrics

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DILATED PEOPLES lyrics : "Expansion Team Theme"

[Babu Scratching and Mixing]
"You got light.. don't wait till its dark to as questions"

[Hook 1: Iriscience]
You should check the signs, symbols, hits, clues,
The writings on the wall but it's up to you

Expansion Team Dilated Peoples Crew
"What you wanna do is watch for clues"
You should check the signs, symbols, hits, clues,

The writings on the wall but it's up to you
Expansion Team Dilated Peoples Crew
And If you still don't know, this is how we do

[Hook 2: Iriscience (Evidence)] [x2]
There ain't nothing as bright (as heavy) as light

(as dark) as night (as set to strike)
As ready (as right) as loose (as tight) as quick to expand
As we on the mike

[Verse 1: Iriscience]
If it was a snake it would have bit ya'

Slithered up like a boa-consticta and griped ya'
Step back and beat the big picture
These cats as though in my head

I charge the mound just to get the picture
(*##$ clearest specialist better hit ya'
But never miss ya'

Y'all need to double check the scripture
Deco, Deco, unload, reload
Pressin' heights Peco, live like Steve Beko

Piss on trees and leave marks to graffiti
Even gang graffiti though I'm for the peace treaty
Frustrated cats we hussle but still needy

And whistle like Twity when we see the LAPD
We going four for score for the prize
You need to see with more than your eyes

It's war in disguise
Tanfa callas are vagrants
This goes for every agent

Some are camouflaged others are very blatant

(Babu Scratching and Mixing)

[Hook 1: Iriscience]
[Hook 2: Iriscience (Evidence)] [x2]

[Verse 2: Evidence]
Se keep your torch lit, light your flares, have back ups prepared
Wait for the enemy, war is declared

Expansion Team Theme music anthem
Got coloured schemes hot, peak lovers red at random
Up close and personal, songs from my journal

My lyrics are the ink, my reflection is eternal
These words are powerful, so hard to describe
Type to raise eye brows and open eyes

But what we did, get your hands dirty, fingers dusty
I've been around the world, you haven't, you could trust me
Line them up, knock them down,

Keep them @@#!ed, beats and vocals
If you $#&@ with these locals catch ghost busters logo
Channel zero

Separate suckers from heroes, recorded digital Bobby Deniro
Load your base bags, put on your gloves, lace the shoes
Keep your eyes open for signs and ears open for clues

[Babu Scratching and Mixing]

[Hook 1: Iriscience]
[Hook 2: Iriscience and (Evidence)] [x2]

[Babu Scratching and Mixing till the end]

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