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DIGGY SIMMONS : Do It Like You lyrics

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DIGGY SIMMONS lyrics : "Do It Like You"

hey hey there she go, there she go

that's the one i got to know, gotta know
such a beauty right never .. never do it like
hey flow but she walk

i just love the way she talk
such a beauty right never .. never do it like

it seems like but a .. i've known you
the ..moments feels like magic ..
girl you killin them my condolence

that's how you own me, yeah that's how you own me
i'm gonan be with you no matter what it takes
when it was ?staright to the case

wanna be that when you wake
when no make up on your face
that is been .. before you brush

love your .. when you blush
is this simple than delightful .. cause we ..
i just wanna ..your trust as well as me ..you mine

watch your sign i'm in ?
you don't ? hola holla
i just wanna know you, i heard them say that beauty

is in the eyes of the ..
well girl my vision is bad so i'ma need tyou to come closer
closer and have you right here when you post to


excuse me miss may i spark your wishes
'cause you're .. and i just wanna great your wishes
what you want you get it i don't call it trickin

that's just 'cause i got it 'cause i want it
that makes all the difference
i'm about my business, you girl you're the business

we should get together soon as we can do some business
i got some things that i can teach you let me show you
is you ready what's the hole up

you aint' got no drama your money on my mama
like .. shut it down you won't even ..
you such a .. but carry us just like a lady

the baddest such a cruel .. i'm just not a ..
hole up hole up hole up
i know what they say

every rap on that ..heal em all ..
don't believe it girl i promise i'ma treat you like my treasure
i'ma move it by myself but i know you make me better

[2 x hook:]

..they won't do it like you
..ever seen by the way

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