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DIERKS BENTLEY : You Hold me Together lyrics

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DIERKS BENTLEY lyrics : "You Hold me Together"

By now I shoulda been broken
On the rocks of rising life's ocean
Just another ship lost at sea

By now I shoulda been scattered
In the wind of my lonesome travels
Like a thousand dandelion seeds

And I shoulda come unraveled
At the seams like a well worn sweater
But you hold me together

My hope shoulda been shattered
Like a bottle out behind some tavern

From a fight that you had no chance to win
My dreams shoulda been ashes
Gone up in smoke like a book of matches

Tossed away and never gonna burn again
And I shoulda worn right through
Like an old cowboy's boot leather

But you hold me together


I feel your love surrounding me
Strong enough that I can believe
There won't ever be a storm

that I can't weather
Cause you hold me together [X2]

I shoulda been long forgotten
Just a footnote down at the bottom
Of a page in the book of what coulda been's

My heart should lie in pieces
On the ground like a goodbye letter

You hold me together [Repeat

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