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DIERKS BENTLEY : Trying To Stop You Leaving lyrics

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DIERKS BENTLEY lyrics : "Trying To Stop You Leaving"

Got a guitar
Got a guitar on my back

And I'm standin' on this lonesome railroad track
Train's a comin'
It'll be here 'fore too long

But I don't think I can stop it with a song
Girl that's the kind of way I'm feelin'
Tryin' to stop your leavin'

Got a pebble
Got a pebble in my hand

And I toss it out into the middle of the Rio Grande
But the river keeps runnin'
Don't even know that I'm around

I could throw a million more and not slow it down
Girl that's kind of what I'm feelin'
Tryin' to stop your leavin'

There's nothin' that I wouldn't try
If I thought it would change your mind

But you don't love me
No you don't love me anymore

And I know as soon as you walk out that door
Train's a comin', river's runnin'
Train's a comin', river's runnin'

Pain's a comin', tears are runnin'
Yeah that's kind of the way I'm feelin'
Knowin' I couldn't stop your leavin'

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