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Die Young lyrics : "Saved By A Precious Few"

The clouds
they followed me to what felt like no end
bled dry through the days

all my hope abandoned
perhaps I have nothing left to give but this voice of discontent
and so I carry on...

embedded in anger, my soul finds nourishment
in the wastelands of the world, I find my fertile ground

disillusioned with everything
nothing is what it $#[email protected] seems
the only beauty that I've found is right here--


just like you I drag myself through this human hell

a mere piece of the machine fighting for scraps of myself
sometimes I fear that there's not enough love in this world
to save us from ourselves

we thought love would save us from the perils of
this $#[email protected] world

but we bled through those nights when love weighed too much
when love was not enough (it's not enough)...

so here's to my saving grace...

empty parking lots at 2am

and hating the world with the best of friends
to the precious few whose hearts are $#[email protected] true,
those candles in the dark who saw me through:

when the crowd has gone and the dust has cleared
I would end it all if you weren't still here
all I need is a place to sleep and moments that cannot be bought

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa