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Die Young lyrics : "Reiteration"

It's time to revive the idea
rekindle the spirit that brought us here
to live in silence is to live in fear

so I'll speak my mind loud and clear
this voice could be the spark to ignite the silent masses
let us all behold each voice that is full of passion

I know tomorrow isn't promised to me
so I must break free from the fear of failure, the fear of death
the fears that breed our complacent disease

we are all faced with this choice:
escape or recreate

to live in hell or rewrite out fate
one voice, one $#[email protected] pen--
how I long ot begin again and leave this [email protected]#$ed world behind

$#[email protected] you all, I don't care if it's all been said before

these are the thoughts plaguing my mind
and I know you don't want to hear
for fear the truth may set you free

then what will you do? what's your excuse?
and then when it all comes crashing down
and your gods are nowhere to be found

what the $#[email protected] will you do? what's your excuse?

beyond the walls of this world you've come to know

of dead-end streets and needless suffering
awaits a message dying to be read:
look beyond this $#[email protected] scene

it's time to revive the idea

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa