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DIDDY : Same Damn Time Remix lyrics

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DIDDY lyrics : "Same Damn Time Remix"

Boy yo money and my money ain't the same damn kind!
I can live yo life and my life at the same damn time! 
See my riding out money, that's yo buy yo house money!

I got that I can build a mall right by yo house money! 
Hold up! Say you got that 550, you talkin bout that Benz ^!$$%? Say I got that 550, I'm talking bout them ends ^!$$%! 
All black Phantom white seats, I'll killed um, bring them white sheets!

Said oooo I think she like me cause I cop Maybachs like white tees!
I'm in Time, People, Fortune, Forbes, same damn time!
XXL, GQ, Vibe, Source, same damn time!

^!$$% you don't live that %#@! that's in yo lame $$# rhymes! 
Y'all done woke a sleeping giant, now the game back mine! 

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