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DIDDY : It Has Been Said lyrics

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DIDDY lyrics : "It Has Been Said"

It has been, it has been, it has been, it has been

It has been said that there has been known to be bloodshed
Over bread, men who have bled to death, dead
Strapped to beds, pipe bombs, dynamite, lead

Money power respect, street cred, yeah

It's scary, ain't it? Picture yourself goin' out as a hero

Picture mural pictures of us painted all over street corners
Fans meet to mourn us, while we meet the coroners
Notorious tried to warn us

We watched, so many Biggie backed off of
Biggie's back and 'Pac's, landmarks, history in rap

Statistically in fact, it's so sad to see us re-enact
These tragic events, which lead us back

To where we left off on March 9th to come from such hard knock lifes
And make it up out of 'em, hit the spotlights
And, once they're on us this is our lives

Thrust out for all eyes to cast upon us to see who can last the longest

And he who lasts the longest, must be the strongest

In this concrete jungle, where this dog eat dog mentality comes from
It's origin, which is usually originated from cats who starvin'
Or it could just be somebody's horror that just horrifies

And applies to his persona or the sizes
In his entourage, that intimidates the people

To the point that you know that he's gangster
He ain't just say %#@!, you just believe it

Since B.I.G. taught us ^!$$%z to think big
I'm been about my business since then, so anxious
It ain't how we live, it's what he said, he did it for Brooklyn

This I took in, sent chills through my skin

Vicious, I'm experiencin' the same sights as him

It's what excited Obie to write these poems
Rollin', goin' through the same %#@! he spoken
Open up my eyes, so there's no limit in them skies

'When Ready To Die' was a sick part of my life
Palmin' that forty-five, plottin' to pop my mind

Then that crooked eye Jamaican, I'd so many times rewind
Got me to walk a straight line and get up on my grind

Get up out the system, who could give him better signs?
No pop of mine could top Big Poppa rhymes
So, possibly I'd be popular, huh?

That's the inspiration I got from my ^!$$% B.I.

I took him from coal to diamond, I molded his mind

Enter the most phenomenal artist of any and all time
I made a Frankenstein, my design impressed
Backpackers and press, who said my house was a mess

Critics lashed, said I made a fortune off of his passin'
All I did was build a dynasty, off of his passion

And I'm addressin' the adolescents absent to who he is
The original king of New York, Christopher Wallace

This is a promise on Diddy's honor, I'm a father T'Yanna
And teach her that with all the drama, don't even bother
On repeat, all of your albums play back to back

And I visit your grave 'cause our friendship's intact

An immaculate concept, extravagant progress

Bullet wounds left in my heart, I'm yellin', "God bless"
Regardless to critics yellin' that East, West
I seen the game losin', I'm just pressin' the reset

And when the resurrection of you shines through an individual
Lyrical enough to wear the same crown of thorns literally

I'ma pay homage, Brooklyn's finest
Whether it's Queens or Harlem, it'll be instant stardom, ^!$$%

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