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DIDDY : Big Homie lyrics

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DIDDY lyrics : "Big Homie"

Ft. Rick Ross & French Montana

[Hook: Diddy]

You could go to any hood, bet they know me
Rose gold pinky ring; master Rollie
Boy, youâ??se a little ^!$$%; Gary Coleman

I be calling all the shots, Iâ??m big homie
Big homie, big homie, big homie, big homie
Boy, youâ??se a little ^!$$%; Gary Coleman

I be calling all the shots, Iâ??m big homie
[Verse 1: Diddy]
Iâ??m winninâ?? for the new (*##$, she was stunting

That #[email protected] got a paper tag and itâ??s a hundred
My bellman call me Sir Combs, Iâ??m Richard Drummond
My Rolls Royce spray cologne, the fragrance money

Itâ??s Bad Boys Records, (*##$, you know I run it
Ciroc Amaretto coming, them (*##$es love it
I show up with my jewelry on and never doubt it

You show up with your jewelry on and leave without it
[Verse 2: Diddy]

Diddy go to any hood, big Rollie
Top down on any block, ^!$$%s know me
The only one thatâ??s topping Forbes, Iâ??m gettinâ?? lonely

See us out here racing yachts like �$#&@ the police�
Bugatti swerving lane to lane, we getting money
Once promoter say my name, fly (*##$es coming

These ratchet (*##$es love a ^!$$% so cough your chick in
More 80â?²s than the 80â?²s, ^!$$%, Iâ??m money mention
Iâ??m money mention

[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
My (*##$es get the Christians, ^!$$%, and Giuseppe

My (*##$es get the Berkin, ^!$$%, they hold the weapons
My (*##$es get the Range Rovers, thatâ??s for affection
My (*##$es get the realest ^!$$%, sheâ??s my reflection

I make my (*##$es traffic dope, thatâ??s my profession
She swallow dope and looking pregnant, time for c-section
Thank God your pockets where Iâ??m from, here block, they bless us

50 mill a meter drum, go get them stretchers
Get them stretchers

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