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DEZARIE lyrics : "Travelers"


Distant travelers traveling
Seeking peace from their sorrow and ease from the pain

And they got nowhere to go
A resting place you're seeking
Just traveling


Remnant of first humans, Ancient ones

The perseverant and the patient ones
Continue all the distortion
They face that strong

By coming up to higher regions
Feel gradual-elations to graduate from wrong
And diplomatic illusion

They sense a great intrusion
Bad vibe, big tensions
Then keep light FYA and filthy things get bun


Leave behind all chaos
Thinking of better dwelling place
Better livity, better word-sound

Reject things that bring us down
And we Zion bound
We got the livity, we no want stick wrong

Anything artificial we leave alone
That is nah Jah-Jah own
Want a better tomorrow

So today we travel the narrow road


If you don't belong, something is wrong
So you've got to keep moving on

If your vibe is not with someone
Nothing's wrong
So you've got to be moving on

No congress or constitution
A the truth we wants
Black righteous governments

Elect of Jah Lion ? a Lioness
Traveling and looking for a resting place


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