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Devlin lyrics : "The Garden"

Welcome to the garden that hates you and James London
Where weed trees grow around the things that leave the poet

By AKs and blood path you think are full of garbage
Guess the game of weapon are attained like Osama's
Who, by the way, is still alive, and stays to say hello

And told me to tell you that he's just laying low
Then disclose the TV paid to take the blame
For what happened to the towers, so America could take control.

I'm making fine smush, but this ain't rock and roll,
Just a snipp out of the crazyness of the life I know
Inside it grind me slow, blow your mind out of hole

You fly back to return to its rightful home
I'm like a lot whole of lyrics but much more in the spirit
I'm trying to come out with spell and take control

Of every single area code across the globe
For every fairy tower tell it straight and bold
Is something like the common cold,

No one's find a cure for me, so I just hang around until it's time to go
And come back when I decide to,
And play personas for viruses, like bird flu and swine flu.

Or what happens in line is next that been designed to
Kill it slowly with a knife, is human zu
It's jay lordan with a shade in alley way

Don't ask me who I am, who the $#&@ are you, $#&@ing rude?
All my boss in life move in synchracy
Think of me is like a marry card game to me

By virgin all the #~!!@ hoes
You think that I mistake to 'em,
Instinct to be inside my teeth.

In the down next, take a rain check,
Instead of blazing you I probably roll the place to bless
Barber spraying to the damn date the game starts

Make sense, won't stop until I'm dead,
That's why I move into great extence,
Bring me back to life in fifty thousand years

And I reign on whoever recognize.
Then came back with a diet !@%!e jacking eyes
See words to me is worst through the devil's eyes

I never went to it lost a part and made me jealous
Throw my hands up, I admit
That I want my hands to be, cause I feel like a man cuff

But now I broke free, I'm never leaving bankrupt
Rappers think that that stiff rather that who is this
Just know I go hard, lapoon start, you know this is

New mandoon into a fool and know what this is
Until you hide unlike the moonlight and is the cuntoshionist
I see men collecting metals, I think we need to pause a bit

Cause I ain't hating for the day that I start making some stuff
Probably like and old friend
And first veil upon myself from all the bull%#@!s

Anyways, I never stray away from real,
All I can do, I guess, is demonstrate the way I feel
The way I speak, the way I move, the way I breathe, the way I am

So real life got me chasing and that kept me still
I lost with diabetes, time to meet my tombstone in $#&@ing wheel
Listen, sometimes' hard to get signed, but that's irrelevant,

I try to make, but I never had a lucky deal
So you breads can climb my money kill
Cause tv is on the run for money still

And in my hands they're on the blodd they want it too
I'm own team, you know me,
Running through the whole scene, screaming dang it I'm a zin

With your whippers snappers drapping on it still
What the $#&@ is with that man chapper that you killed
Crackers smacking everywhere, just like the weed and pills

My backyard is too rough for tench marsh.
$#&@ all the little pricks who keep saying my name
You'll never be as ill.

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