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Devlin lyrics : "Off With Their Heads"

(Feat. Wretch 32)

[Intro: Devlin]

Devlin, yeah
Wretch 32 in the building
Let's take it back there, time to go in

Tell 'em Wretch, tell 'em Wretch

[Verse 1: Wretch 32]

I'm on some off with your head %#@!
I keep firing, I'm not The Apprentice
Devs told me to go in, ah yeah

So I ran - blocked all the exits
Yes I'll be here forever
And tread so far I'll leave here in leather

So dark, so cold
With a couple girls sitting on my lap
I'm never gonna say I'm back

I'm a little too in love with plaques
I moved in to the hall of fame
So I wipe my feet on tracks

I'mma kill it, I'm a killer
See me with one glove, it's a Thriller
I already had a number one for my dinner

Me and Devs go in there, inner
And we're out of here, I doubt you're near
I've already been a thousand 'ere

But if you live for the money, then you die for the money
So I ain't even trying to count it, I swear
And if you don't think I'm $#&@ed

Middle finger up
$#&@ me, $#&@ you
I'll make you feel small when I big you up

Up, up and away, I can't see ya
On my own scale, I'm a Libra
Told 'em leave me alone, I wanna leave, uh

Had to give 'em some dough to get a pizza
Every day I have take away
Tomorrow won't be the same today

I don't score when I'm at home
I strike more when I play away

[Verse 2: Devlin]
Shut down the asylum
Before I creep through the exit, find it

Jump any fence inside then drag a man
Out of the car that he just was driving
And then put the pedal to the floor

I'm back and I'm ready for the war like a Viking
I ain't gotta tell 'em any more, me and Wretch
Already killed this UK Grime thing

And there's not a lot left that could swing with Shipman
The doctor of death
Like Wretch 32 said it's off with his head

Got cold feet then it's frost on your creps
Never mind where you're walking, watch where you step
Mind what you're talking, I might dissect

Any guy trying a bull%#@! vibe on a sec
Can't $#&@ with me like my wife on the reds
Too unorthodox to let it go

So I let 'em know that I'm pro, but my name ain't Stephen
Soul seems to be involved
I'm burying men six deep in a hole, no reason

You're getting buried alive, I'm tryna better my life
While some men are cutting up suits
With scissors and severing ties

I let 'em know that it's Devlin's time
No disputing I shift to the move
This game from the days of The Movement

Using the only utensil I knew to
Now I need loot this, alike to my figures on YouTube
Retreat or advance then, you choose

At the present I'm king like Presley
Test me, then I'm running out full of anger
And envy and stamping you out in my blue shoes

[Verse 3: Wretch 32]
Ride a beat like a Traktor, ey
But I ain't getting on a train, 'ey
Everybody wants to act up, yeah

'Til you put 'em in the frame
And I ain't got time for %#@!, patience's thinner than my toilet roll
I'm a fixed up brother from a broken home
I remember I used to watch Home Alone
Now I'm home alone in my own home

This millennium, got a loada dome
Rome then roam
Came home smelling like hot Cologne
Had a success overdose, oh
You see my roll-on flow

And I'm so sure that I can't be old
Yet all my heels I carry on toe to toe
When we take this game now, so cologne

[Verse 4: Devlin]

You couldn't play my post
I'm an old soul like an ancient ghost
That created his name in the game and he
Took %#@! to another level on the whole
I can't really explain my brain
But if you peeked inside of my skull

You'd see %#@! so deep in my rear right lobe
That you'd know why I feel this cold
And I feel like the caped crusader
Here on the brink of a dangerous caper
I'm always collected and calm in battle
Can't be rattled, go sample a shaker
OT, I'm an out taker

I'm taking out any men that are minor
And think that they're major, there's a devil and a
Wretch that just broke out of the chamber

[Verse 5: Wretch 32]
Yes, now I'm going for the hat-trick
One singer, one model, one actress

But I might disappear if you're acting
Or singing me a new tune on a mad pitch
Back to my rap %#@!
I'mma go hard this year
Can't be looking at the past this year
That won't help me get past this year
In an extra zone next to tracks

Multiple hits but with extra swag
I've divided my time
Royalties won't forget to add
And I ain't adding nobody on my BB
IPhone when I want you to see me
I played, YouTube
See me on Wretch32 TV

[Verse 6: Devlin]
I'm getting flashbacks from the past
Head full of hate and a mouth full of bars
Me and Wretch just stretched this game to a next span
Taking the extra yard
We're going extra hard, no I can not be barred

Say what you want, but you couldn't keep Devs out
Anyways, I've already broke through the fence now
And I'm quite relentless when I vex out
Everybody wants to the the next out
But they get stripped like a (*##$ when her dress down
Think you're a face round 'ere?
Get left lying face down in a next town
Pull strings like Rory Lamont
On the beat and I'm dropping the bomb
I'll make you all feel sick like Sue Bo dropping her thong
This ain't Sumo but I'm too big and too strong

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