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Devlin : Let It Go lyrics

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Devlin lyrics : "Let It Go"

(I will be gone before you wake
I will be gone before oh yes
I will be gone before you wake

I will be gone)

Yeah, carry on whinging and whining

And get left to regret what you said
I'll be out the door in a sec
Like you (?)

I'm tired of rowing
And hours on end, the bickering, fighting
I blame my surroundings

A relationship defined in violence
It blossomed, and it bloomed
Now it's rotten and all blue

And even though I still love you
I can't go through with the doom and gloom again
That's the truth my friend

I'm not leaving for another lady
I felt I had to depart
Cos if I didn't I'd kill you, maybe

Ah, empty days of pain

The sun goes on and on
You gotta let it go, let it go

Ah, empty days of rain
The sun goes on and on
You gotta let it go, let it go

I just wanna be left alone,
It's time to let it go
I just wanna be left alone

I think it's time you let it go

The sun doesn't always shine

I'm stuck in a solar eclipse
Even though I love you to bits
I'm done with the pain that we both inflict

Upon one another
It don't make me happy to watch you suffer
Run back to your mother

Tell her I turned out the same as the others
I don't know how to handle ya
All you do is make me angrier

Till I wanna manhandle ya
I'm contemplating whether to kiss ya or strangle ya
But I can't put my hands on ya

Like a burning flame in the burning flames
In hell with a dibs ain't walkin away
I can no longer stand with ya


You took me high you took me low
You sold your soul with lies you told
And now it's time to ride alone

The lights will guide me home
The more I gave, the more you take
Now I'll be gone before you wake

Cos I just can't ignore my fate
Forget the day you saw my face

(I will be gone)
In the blink of an eye
(I will be gone)

With the stars in the sky
(I will be gone)
And you're askin me why

(I will be gone before you)


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