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Devlin lyrics : "Fire In The Booth"

I think you forget that Jim's been a threat and a vet
So long so where's the respect

You ain't repped with DJ Slimzee on set
I ain't heard you on a tape cassette
Cause weren't present when grime weren't pleasant

A game fulla shottas and goons and peasants
Rascal run away with the scene
Man on par with the stickiest lemon

The mic in my hands like a stick to a felon
Letting off rhymes my mouths my weapon
Blowin up south Peckam to Streatham

Blowin up west from Acton to Shepherds
And my name spread north of course
Tottenham to Angel I rock the cradle

And I been running round east from day
Dagenham to Barking, Hackney to Cable Street
With a lyrically shot speed every man from my manor where the blocks deep

Where your blocks like an episode of Dawson's Creek
Rest in peace to the Esco
Let's go anyone who built this scene

I'm taking it back to an old school theme
I'm oceans deep and they flow too weak
Side with me and fly like a frisbee

Go against me and die like Da Vinci
I open the pages and write in the history
I'm right in the middle of my life it's a mystery

I wound up on an Island with Tinchy
A label Marley made famous
See a minor that's why I'm major

Shut one eye then stare at my wallet
You still won't ever see half of my paper
Life's a ride how far it will take ya

Depends how far that you'll break ya back to make ya stack bigger than a freight container
More cash more money in the bank
Till I die and reside with the maker

I'll shoot for the hoop like I was a Laker
You said white boys can't jump you're a hater
I'll jump all over your boat race then shout later

I'm the administrator for pain inside of a chamber
Fulla nightmares I don't fight fair
If I wanna find breres I don't use no satellite navigator

Cause the word on the street is that your in town with your bird on the weekend
Whats the odds that we just might meet then
When I run up on you like an east end weed den

You show me the conditions Hear the terms of my recital
Murmur and I'll murder you so bring the German rifles

I'm rolling with the Kalashnikov I'm backing off my rivals
Call me I'll kill you off like
And nah I acting I'm practically a spiteful

As going back in time to give the atom bomb to Guy Fawkes
Now I'm stuck and I'm waiting for a time warp to once again return you can't terminate a cyborg
I'm made of metal I could break you all like ply board

Broke the ground level now like Luke I like to sky walk
I'm a dying rebel like Gaddafi not compliable
I'll stab you with a paint brush there's art in my survival

I'm like a Cyclops with the all seeing eyeball
And all I see is weed I think it's time to buil an ital
Burn you to degrees that your skeleton is frightful

After they discover you in my ash tray after nightfall
I kept it real but all they seem to want is fake
I should speak like w***** and spit bars like Drake

Fishing hook aaaaahhh bait
I'll come to your estate and slap your mates who insisted that you was great
and then I'll take your style and your charisma

Combine em with tobacco and ignite em in a rizla
You left me in my lane we all tried to play the game
So now you need to ascertain that I could flip you like your sister

But no !@$* just poisoning the promo
Charlie ain't a sloth nah he's a yeti in a polo
And Devlin I'm a dragon reigning fire on your postcode

I hold gold so let me throw a blow and leave your nose broke
Like Britannia it's black and white like a panda
The devils levels higher looking down from my veranda

And so that you know what you hold is false hope
And false goals don't account for much when the truths told
Sorry for the flames I induce this is murder
Blame put the name on my crew this is murder
Jimmy I'm an Essex boy so you know it's murder

Greater London in between the city and suburbia
Hold tight Klash and Terra Firma it's murder
D E V L I N yeah you know it's murder
Charlie Sloth the DJ that you all hearda it's murder
D E V L I N murder

It's OT crew in the house again
We been endowed with the strength of a thousand men
I live a long dream make a biro bleed
Turn a ball point into a fountain pen

When I spew red rivers I'm deading you
Gettin you coming for your revenue too
You ain't never dwelt in the place I've been
I'm at home in the dark like Nosferatu
Or king Tut locked up in his tomb

For too many suns and too many moons
Whites and blacks who thrive to attack
Dagenham scums inside of the room
So there might quite be violence soon
Hear the sirens sound like Rascal and shoot
Then boot the closest district tube

Big up Wiley he always knew
That I'd be a beast and a brute and pollute the peace in the booth
Like pumpin the sea fulla crude oil when I get deeper I'm rude
So the better I get you're all screwed
Am I a veteran yes you'll get moved
Weren't pulling your leg when I said I was a threat
I'm ill but will punch you out of ya shoes

English bomb with an Irish fuse and there's not long left till I detonate
Leave guys in a two and eight a right old state
You better have your giro saved
Im Claiming anything I like ok
Cause I've found my groove and a ride
That keeps me amused this life is a game
Im old school like fruit of the loom

But I come brand new so the youth can relate
And maybe try following the lead
My whole damn scene came outta the street
With young men letting off shots and kids getting killed by the rocks like Apollo 18
I gotta swim through a sea fulla darkness
In A black pool like holloway scene
Forgive me if I take you for ransom

I'm like Manson I got a regime
And I love bad vibes in fact I like it when everybody climbs on my back
When the knifes at the ready and they try to attack
But my names not Caesar ? And who gave yous the right to react
To put your wife on her back like Caroline Flack
I ain't never been killed inside of the scene
Red rum backwards !@#^yse that

Stun gun a #~!!@ I paralyse cats
Don't sell drugs but I've got white raps
I'm a messed up geezer I just might snap
Not a wife beater but you might find me in Dags on a Friday
Bear knuckle fighting a slag and might have a fight with her dad
That's how it is cause my manors quite mad
And the spotlight coulda never changed this man

God damn that's who I am

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