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Devin Townsend lyrics : "Tall latte"

[Man:] And they greys float our memories, In the long haul

[Boss:] Hey Slacker! Wake up! We got people standing here in line; you're sitting there daydreaming. C'mon we got two veggie white chocolate mocchas, a tall Americano and a Grande cappuccino! C'mon get your butt in gear! C'mon!

[Man:] oh sorry sorry sorry. OK, two um...

[Customer:] Excuse me.
[Man:] Grande frappe %#@!...

[Customer:] Excuse me.
[Man:] Yeah, yeah.

[Customer:] Excuse me sir, I believe I ordered a decaf, non fat, no whip, sugar free, vanilla flavoured latte

[Boss:] Hey slacker! We got people lined up out the door over here, C'mon; we got two veggie white mocchas, a Grande cappuccino and a tall latte! Let's go! Move it!

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