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Devin Townsend lyrics : "Noisy Pinkbubbles"

You and I
Will never be falling for, reality

You and I, and every being
Falling for reality...
You and I, must never mean

Falling into alcohol
You for you, and all for you...

(People who are predisposed to schizophrenia can be pushed into the condition
through the use of !@!@&&)
You can never tell the face

When they're starting to go...

And you, make all my words go away

And you, take all my time
But you, make all the hurt go away
And all I can say it it's day

After day, all I know...


Fine, fine, fine

So you, make all these dreams go away
And you, help me do time
Can you, make all the love go away

...'Cause all I can say is it's day
After day, god I know

Fine, fine, just leave me alone
Just let me go away
Just go away

Just go...

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