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Devin Townsend : Bastard lyrics

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Devin Townsend lyrics : "Bastard"

1/ Not One Of My Better Days

Night time, turn around.

Lonely is the city tonight
Night time, all around.
Lonely in the city tonight

Grey people stare at a static sky (as you will)
Ours is not to question why

Same thing, everytime.
It always seems to need what I'm not

To all the hopeful ones;
Nobody gives a $#&@ what you've got

I only wish that I could pray to god
(but you will)
Stay a little longer,

Please don't leave me alone

[email protected]&!, mother, father no...

Time passed quicker than you will ever know
And they can push me harder,
But you know I'll never go

And they will justify it, but you know
It will take them slow...

2/ The Girl From Blue City

The lights go out across the harbor

And the boys are out on the corners
Sex in the neon [email protected]&(ts (red and smelly)
And I don't feel a thing (It's too cold to worry)

So in the corner by the dock
Where there's no light
It smells like piss but no one knows,

And right now just to sleep would be alright

...Feel old, gone where the feelings go

...Gone now in a field of green,
Gone where feelings go...

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