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DEVIN THE DUDE : Whatever lyrics

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DEVIN THE DUDE lyrics : "Whatever"

[Ice-T sampled being scratched]
If you are offended.. by words..
If you are offended.. by, by words, by words..

If you are offended.. by, by word-words..
If you are offended.. by words..

[cuss words scratched in wherever quotations appear]


Don't come talkin that "%#@!", if your freak is a "(*##$"
She's real easy to "$#&@", she even sucked my "dick"
After I bust that "ass", didn't think of her as a "ho"

But she know after I "cum", then I gots ta go
That's enough for me she almost hurt my dick
And you gotta come home to this "dirty (*##$"

She's a funky @@#!, "low mother-$#&@-$#&@er"
And I'm a "^!$$%", who'll treat any hussy just like a "hooker"
But a ho is not a "[email protected]#%", and a (*##$ is not a "tramp"

But what I like about 'em both is that they #[email protected] get damp
And a "^!$$%" can "$#&@" "%#@!" up, if they don't know
that a "dirty low [email protected]#%", is a "tramp (*##$ ho"


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