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DEVIN THE DUDE : The dude lyrics

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DEVIN THE DUDE lyrics : "The dude"

Devin on the answering machine:
What's up? You've reached 7-6-5-0-8-6...ahh well hell you know who you

called. So I don't have to tell you that.
(*##$ what do you want?
^!$$% what do you need?

A rock hard bone?
A dime of weed?
Whatever it is just leave the message at the tone

Or better yet, $#&@ it you can call me at home
At 9-8-8-1 naw I ain't gonna say all dat
Just leave a number I'll call ya back

[Answering machine:]
You have two messages.

[some chickens talking]

[Verse 1:]
(*##$ what do you want?
^!$$% what do you need?

A rock hard bone?
A dime of weed?
Whatever it is hoe you can hit him from a phone

But if ya don't want nothin' leave him lone he be gone
See he's known for smokin' skunk and gettin' drunk without knowin'
He through about twenty (*##$es and hoes and he probably $#&@ed yours

But the Dude don't disrespect but then he takes no %#@!
But if your (*##$ is in his ride then shes gettin' some dick
He moves quick real slick never been to the pen or the forum

They got stories bout the Dude the kids bragged when they saw him
And them laws he don't bomb
That ^!$$% just keep dippin'

Early in the morning flippin'
Coffee sippin'
Dont be trippin' on ^!$$%s they see him walk in the sto'

Get him some cigarettes, cigars and a Colt 4-0
Without payin' walk out that hoe so calm and so cool
(Who's that?)

Man that's the Dude and he's a God damn fool


Who is it?
Not too often seen in public (that's the Dude)
Who is it?

Smokin' on Sweets while he's gettin' his nuts licked (that's the Dude)

Don't come talkin'

That nothin' %#@!
Round the Dude
Don't play no funny games

Don't talk %#@! no
He'll tell you to suck a dick
He's the Dude

Hey hey here comes the Dude

[Verse 2:]

Da da do dap
Bla do blap dap
(*##$es front 'em at the club they gettin' jab slapped

He don't cap
To him that bring too much attention
Keep his eyes open for premeditated lynchin'

Countin' inches on his hard dick
You might need a yard stick
He makes (*##$es suck it and make them ^!$$%s get off it

Don't start %#@! with the Dude
You wouldn't want him to finish
Cause hoe you know it be on in a minute

You need to thank him for ya gal he made her suck a little better
He love makin' trash outta another ^!$$%s treasure
Cause (*##$es for dude dog, come a dime a dozen

$#&@ one let one suck his dick then find another
He don't debate he concentrate on survivin'
He don't like to drive if he's been drinkin' but he'll drink while he's

But he's higher than a $#&@, you'll never catch him sober
All his women quit him cause they got $#&@ed over
But all the #[email protected] he got was #[email protected] he earned
He'll fire up a Sweet before you'll fire up yearn

Some say he's nice and friendly but the ^!$$%s no fool
He's so swift he's so smooth he's so calm he's so cool
He's the Dude


Who is it?
Who is it?

Hey hey hell yeah can't you tell?

The Dude been through Hell
See the smoke in the air?
Shouldn't do the %#@! he do but see the Dude don't care
Empty bottles of beer and empty rubbers everywhere

[Verse 3:]
He jam old school music in his low slightly bumpin'
Saw him last Tuesday in an old white somethin'
Half naked (*##$ with him with plenty of $$#
He threw the duces at your boy and continued to pass
People spread rumors about him to bring him down

But if ya know him like I do you know he don't $#&@ around
And he clowns and he jokes and he smokes and he hangs
But don't $#&@ over the Dude one night he showed me a brain
No name
I ain't gonna tell you all of his biz
He's down to fight for his friends
Die for his momma and kids

^!$$%s be placin' they bids tryin' to do like he do
Try to be where he's been but they get folded in two
He's the Dude


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