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DEVIN THE DUDE : Can't Change Me lyrics

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DEVIN THE DUDE lyrics : "Can't Change Me"

(feat. K-Dee, K.B.)

[Talking K-Dee]

Call me if you change your mind


I see you like takin your chances
But if your ^!$$% knew that you do butt-naked dances
And runnin my bath and rubbin soap on my feet

Smokin my meat, while I'm smokin a sweet
And we losin his mind, thinkin bout doin a crime
The way you lick on my nutts and make me bust two at a time

You persuing my ^&@#$ I seen this happen before
We $#&@ for bout a month and we aint laughin no more
Then you start to get just a little curious

I don't call in two days and you take the %#@! serious
We can get crunk smoke weed and %#@!
But I rather you just call when you need some dick

There's a whole bunch of hoes out there like you
Who love to $#&@ and suck dick too
Gotta dip dip dive dive what can I say

She try to hit' em all inside of one day

[Chorus: Devin]

But ah, I can stick around and keep you company
Or you can spend the night if it was up to me
You can change him but you can't change me

Cause you know i rather $#&@ than watch t.v.

Girl, I can stick around and keep you company

Or you can spend the night if it was up to me
Girl, you can change him but you can't change me
Cause you know I rather $#&@ than watch t.v.

[Talking K.B.]
Naw you aint got to cut the t.v. on

Why don't you just stand up and model for me


I can tell you like ^!$$%s sportin rings and lacs
Got me spittin not hittin with no strings attached
You got a man, I understand I'm cool with it

You wanna look cause a ^!$$% don't know what to do with it
Thats why I get it, sexy outfits like french maids
Got you hollin my name with every inch laid

While I'm, $#&@in I'm thinkin of ways of gettin paid
That night you was suckin, damn thats why I stayed
Now you mad cause I played more fields than Kim

Got you sayin I wish you were more like him
Aint that a (*##$, expectin me to oil you
Wine and dine your $$# cause he swore you

What I look like washin your back while you shower
I aint the ^!$$% for leavin letters I'm sending flowers
Tryin to arch my ways, damn thats funny to me

You can change him but you can't change me

[Chorus x2: K-Dee]

I lay these hoes, slay these hoes

Play these hoes, never pay these hoes
Between (*##$es and hoes man they really aint %#@!
Some of yall givin them dick, you givin them rent money

You $#&@in with him because he treats you nice
To me you a hoe he'll make you his wife
He takin you shoppin and now you out boppin

For a ^!$$% like me who talkin bout knockin
That $$# on the first night, the comfort inn
You got a man at home, %#@! I'll be your friend

I don't need a (*##$ all attached to me
Cause I use these hoes then lose these hoes
Abuse these hoes for owning my dick

I'm beatin it up you nuttin too quick
I'm only out for one thang and its plan to see
You may have changed him but you can't change me

[Chorus x2: K.B.]

[Talking K.B.]
You know what I'm sayin

I know you listenin
You know I want to be up in that #[email protected] right now
Let me come by and just dick ya down
I'm trippin, but I'm trippin cause I know you listenin
Huh, when you ridin with your boyfriend or whatever just act like it aint you

Thats what I'm talkin bout, I aint gone trip off that %#@! either
Naw naw, you having good #[email protected] aint got nothing to do with this [Laughing]
I'm Out!

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