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DEVIN THE DUDE : Broccoli & Cheese lyrics

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DEVIN THE DUDE lyrics : "Broccoli & Cheese"

I pick you up
I look you up and down
You so fine

In my mind I'm sayin'
Now how can I make this ho mine
I got the tank on F

I got a bag full of herb
Your favorite drink in the holder
The restaurant song reserved

They got smothered %#@!
And other %#@! I can't even pronounce
But I can count

I know the weed I have is less than an ounce
We ride and we talk
We joke and we laugh

And we drinkin'
While I'm thinkin'
bout pokin' that $$#

And at last
We pulled up in front of
The restaurant-a

Ah yea Benihanas
Chose a table by the window
So we can look at the stars and %#@!

He made our plate
We ate, got back in the car and dipped
But on the way home I tried to grab your hand and put it on my bone

You pulled back and said "go on boy"


Girl, this dick is so clean
This dick is so clean that you can boil it in some collard greens
Girl, this dick is so clean

Girl, this dick is so clean that you can serve it with some lima beans
This dick is so clean
This dick is so clean that you can boil it in some collard greens

Girl this dick is so clean
It'll probably go good with your broccoli and cheese

Tell me why, oh why
You won't let me get between them thighs
Tell me when

Ya gonna open up and let me in
You got all kind of excuses
And you used to ^!$$%s trippin'

They just want your body
I know that ain't what you givin'
On the first date or whatever

But it's the third time we been together
And it seems like girl you're forever
You're forever mine

Aww because it gets better with time
Oh girl
You got what I want

I got what you need
At least let me smell it
Just get a whiff of that #[email protected]

You be thinkin' I stick this dick up in hos at random
Come on girl that ain't how I handle 'em
I mind my manners

And uh


I gave you roses
Even chocolate candy

Tell me what else should I do to get you out of them panties
Spend time, I tried to
Just count the things that I do

A couple of dollars for your $$#
Hold that girl, I got you
And I'm even willing to pump it

You need a boost I'll jump it
I'll use my hand to unscrew your off-hand(?) and jump it myself
I'd like to help you with your sexual needs

And if I put this thing in you girl
I bet you will see
That it's good
If down the line you ever find a disease
And don't know who gave you the %#@!

You didn't get it from me
'cause see


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