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DEVILLE lyrics : "Willians To Be Scotto"

look how things have changed we've gone our
separate ways just know that you can't take back
anything because it's too late

so many things have plagued my mind i've invented
too many ways to escape this time but i know they'll

never really be the answers that i'm looking for

just can't understand it the way that it's

demanded think it's easy but you just don't really
seem to understand it everything i've ever done
has never really been for me

this has gone on way too long don't know which is
right or wrong think it's time for me to get on and

live for myself now

what they say i guess it's true what you do is up

to you can we just forget, that my time was never
really had by me

sit alone and think now, 'bout how you're always
so down the world should beg and plead for you you
gotta know it just won't turn out pick up your phone

now come on let's talk about how that we're just
pawns and let's not live like this cause it's
burning out on me and if there's one thing that

i've learned is that it's not too late to change

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa