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DEVILLE lyrics : "Signature"

well i've been let down by the words you said you
broke the promises that we ever made in our lives
and could i ask you now just what you feel where

did i go wrong and why can i never make it up to

but you've got yourself, your friends you got what
you need so why pretend you'll take what we had,
throw it all away you say you're grown up, you need

a change

after all you said to me i promised you that i'd

never leave you took what we had, threw it all away
and i can't change it but

i cannot be the one that follows you, i won't stand
in line i'm gonna leave you far behind now but you're
all i ever wanted so how can i give up on you and

the things that we've been through

so glad you're happy now you're free with the things

you took away from me falling down seemed so hard
from up there sit back and watch me as i bleed any
feelings, i won't let breathe try and tell me that

it's wrong but you don't know that

i lost my head again, my world is $#[email protected] it's broken

i know i can't think straight, once again time it's
too late well i know that you're leaving, i guess you
found your reasons please know that i need this thing

i call my identity

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa