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DEVILLE lyrics : "Perfect World"

standing beside myself can't think about much else
and all i've got is time something that you can't
find i never seen this coming my self destruction

wasn't what i had wanted for myself myself...

so what's up today? i'm facing nothing new i'll

throw it all away, how can i see this through it's
what i'm left with now, i've giving up somehow i'll
throw it all away, just take a look and see

try and tell me something that i've never heard
before you tell me everything i know your $#[email protected]

words are such a bore, and i don't wanna think about
this %#@! don't even try and ask cause i don't need
your help, don't need your lies, i've left it in the


i reach for the bottle one last time no worries or

cares about my life one last thing that i can throw
away (why can i never get it right) well i find
myself lost again i'm gonna get it together but i

don't know when help me find a way

by now you got it right as i just run and hide you

never seen this through i'll make you fall through
too you never seen this coming your self destruction
wasn't what you had wanted for yourself yourself...

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