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DEVILDRIVER : Tripping Over Tombstones lyrics

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DEVILDRIVER lyrics : "Tripping Over Tombstones"

He who hesitates is lost, against the grain, no matter the ocst.
Many hands make light work
You'll get cut short with my words!

In the end you know a pilot in the storm,
Hope you die well
Its $#&@ing farewell.

The chip on your shoulder looks heavy as Hell.
I hope you're blackballed
You're $#&@ing stonewalled

You thumb your nose at all you've learned.
Just turn you back as bridges burn.

In my heart I'm a war
Tripping over these tombstones

In my heart I'm at war
I keep tripping over these tombstones

It's your $#&@ing final hour.
I've laid out my tattered heart.
Into the blinding light.

To avoid the dark
What did I fall into?
I'm through,

You've skewed the view.
Sometimes salvation ain't but a door away? from you.

There's no saving grace, we're at a crossroads
You don't know, you don't know me at all, know me at all.

$#&@ing Farewell
This is war.
$#&@ing farewell.

$#&@ing Farewell.

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