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DEVILDRIVER : The Appetite lyrics

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DEVILDRIVER lyrics : "The Appetite"

Eyes on fire on you
Your presence in a violation!
Leave now or it's annihilation!

It's best for both parties
If we just part!
Eyes on fire on you!

Take it with a grain of salt
Take it to the limit
Take the world by storm,

Keep your head in it!
Take the gloves off,
Take your life in your hands!

Eyes on fire on you!
Live for the day?
No one promised tomorrow anyway?

Gotta keep the dogs at bay!
Keep the dogs at bay!

Do you have the appetite!
The expectations to suffice!?
Your cups of sorrow filled with spite!

I'm begging, I'm Begging, I'm begging you!

Don't dwell it's my burden to bare!

Fall time season it's in the air!
It's best for both parties
If we just part!

Do you..
Do you have..

Do you have the appetite...!?
Do you have my eyes on fire on you!

Don't wish your life away!
If you think I give a $#&@!
Better think again, good luck!

Disconnected, disconnect you!
Eyes on fire on you!
If you think I give a $#&@ you better think again, good luck

Disconnected, disconnect you!

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