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DEVILDRIVER : Gutted lyrics

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DEVILDRIVER lyrics : "Gutted"

Take it back, you better take it back!
Fall time season you've got darken hearts across the veil

So dim the bright lights.
Damned if you do,
Damned if you don't

Don't rest or you'll give up your nine lives.

Burning bright between the wastes and the stars.

No matter how you call it,
You've never done me a solid.
You mind is weaker,

So you fell hook line and sinker.
It's a mess, I don't know what to call it.
There must be some kind of compromise.

Take it back!
Confused, conflicted, justified.
Better burn then turn choose your allies.

Heavy is the cost,
Don't speak of love that's lost.
In my eyes you're a sacrifice.

Hell bent on the outcome of the dice.
GUTTED, $#&@ing Gutted! You're gutted!

Death smiled.
Covered up your past.
So you do your best not to flaunt it, !#$*!

There's nothing left but broken dreams and it seems
That's the way you want it.

Gutted, You're gutted!

Take it back you better?

Take it back
Take it.

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