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DEVIL NIZ lyrics : "Mockingbird"

I was born to a mother,
her strength took me further,
I was naughty sometimes,

protected by my father,
she was there when I was broken,
when I was happy,

she was also there,
when I acted so crappy,
but dad, don't worry,

I love u too,
I wont forget,
when you drive me to school,

in your old cycle,
seat for just two,
parents like mine,

in this world is so few,
but slowly,
when I started to grow,

I started to forget,
both of you,
might be cause,

I got a bunch of new friends,
I don't have a family,
I wanted to pretend,

Now I feel bad,
guilt inside me,
crying from my heart,

down on my knees,
I'll never do that again,
I promise,

acting in that way,
makes me feel I'm a %#@!,
friends came & went,

but u both never did,
& still care for me,
like I'm a 8 years old kid,

hope I can treat the same,
to my very own kid,
and help u in anyway,

when ur in need,
and thanx for giving birth,
to ur son,NiZ,

I'll make u proud,
your son is a masterpiece
yeah, you should know that,

you both in my mind,
and love you from my heart...

Chorus: (1x)

I made u cry several times,

with my lies,
I'm sorry when I got into trouble,
with other guys,

I can understand,
what's right for me,
but I forget,

& u both keep reminding me,
what is right & what is not,
what is %#@! & what was $#[email protected],

I've always tried,
to fulfill ur dreams,
its no more just your,

its mine too in real,
u sacrificed everything,
in keep me happy deal,

thanks for giving me,
a 3 days meal,
I never starve to death,

cause u help me to get set,
and help me to kick,
my everyday hate,

so at the end,
you both are all I have,
a mom that I love,

& dad that I trust,
to look after when u get old,
I must,
cause u both saved me,
from dirt & dust,

kill those mother$#[email protected],
who ever disrespects u,
serve u my whole life,
I dedicate my life to u,
I wanted my voice to reach,

to all of u,
after that I joined,
the Mafia crew,
now my every song,
is cause of both of u,

you gave me voice,
& the time to solitude,
I was a weak child,
now I'm a strong dude,
now I'm not scared,

to speak any truth,
every body has to die,
today or tomorrow,
the love of my parents,
kill away my sorrow,
you can take my heart,

you don't have to borrow,
I love u everyday,
today or tomorrow,
that's the moral of my life,
mom & dad,
love till I die...

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