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Detroit Emeralds lyrics : "Do Me Right"

Do me right
I'll do you no wrong
Do me good

I'll do you no harm, girl

Ooh, ain't gonna put you down

Just let me hang around

If you've got a dollar bill

And i got a dime, girl
Just remember, baby
Sure enough now

What's yours is mine

Take me to the dealer

Buy me an automobile
I'll drive you to a restaurant
Buy you a good, full meal

Ain't gonna make you mad
Gonna be the best man

You ever had (do me right)

Do me right, baby

I'll do you no wrong, girl
Do me good, yeah
I'll do you no harm

Take you to the shopping center
Buy you a brand new dress

And that ain't all now, baby

Gonna buy you a washing machine

And ironing board so you can
Keep your new dress pressed, girl

Ooh, i'm gonna keep you fine
I got to make you mine, mine
Mine, mine, all mine

I'll do you no wrong, yeah
Do me good

I'll do you no harm

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