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DETHKLOK : I Ejaculate Fire lyrics

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DETHKLOK lyrics : "I Ejaculate Fire"

I ejaculate fire!
A venomous fluid, cantankerous druid
It kills when I breed, with my deth seed

CHECKMATE, the world dies when I procreate
A bloody mess, bubbles with heat
Fear the splattering acidic de-mattering

IT BURNS! I'm fried to my loins.
Testicular propane, TANKS EXPLODIIIIIIING!

I perpetuate bile
A build up congestion
Epididymal retention

My seman is flames
Flagellum is pain
$#&@ Fate

Earth's crushed from atomic weight
With a hardened thrust
Deep in the core

A seismic tunneling
A rhythmic pummeling

The molten rock
A rancid genetic
Cannon Fire!

Murdering, knew, nothing, OUTCAST!
Choke on gas, kill my sperm!

Fate wont lead fast enough
Come coagulating blackness

When can I re-decorate
Save for me the glorious DETHTHREATS!
Gasoline pumps through my heart

Poison coursing somewhere
Down in that place
I feel the anger pulse again

Its been building!
Its been building!

Found my mission!
Death ambition!


Short edition!
New tradition!


$#&@ing fear is contagious!

Go spread my flames so fellatious!
$#&@ing fear is contagious!

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