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DESERT SESSIONS lyrics : "At The Helm Of Hells Ships"

Cat's eyes
Circle the globe on protruding white stalks
Dancers with green trays, baskets

Snakes slither and probe
A bridge of dog size
A bench, a chair

She's so fine that naked lady of mine
Slight turn in repose
The lings out on the moan

The churbs so small
A chorus of fogs step on empty streets
Of forest greens, lanes

We all walk in the straight line
Nice and tight

We all walk in a straight line
Nice and tight

Elvis bleeds from the eyes
Madonnas light up the skies
Kneel before the potato

And kiss the forehand of Siva
Sunset and Vine

Walk in the straight line
With my neon
My neon

Walk in the straight line
Nice and tight

Jesus t-shirts
Airport chieftains
Blow-dried smiles

Nothing is sacred
No one is safe
Whispers of secrets walk

Through these streets where my lady lies

Walkin' with my neon
Walkin the straight line

Nice and Tight

Human chases at their Jesse Helms

Guiding the gnomes and
Their clone children, the king's dominion
Here, kitty, kitty

Here, kitty, kitty

With my neon

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