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DESCENDENTS : Van lyrics

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DESCENDENTS lyrics : "Van"

Here in my van
I can beat my small @@#!
Fart on your face

Sleep on a loaf
Here in my can
I can piss in a cup

Scrounge for some change
Do what I want
I can lose

Here in my van
I can eat my small squid

Dance the can-can
With my feet in the air
Here in my van

I can play the Last tape
Play my small uke
Write stupid songs

Like this one

Haven't slept in days, but that's OK.

Gonna let 'er eat
Cat pizza road apples coffee shun Vivarin
Have a little snack

Put in a quarter and play road rally
Driving down the dark corridor
Fall asleep and wake up in another place

Here in my van
I can hate everyone

Wait for no girls to call me in the middle of the night
Here in my van
I can lose my small mind

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