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DESCENDENTS : One More Day lyrics

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DESCENDENTS lyrics : "One More Day"

Spent the last years
in denial of my grief
because you hated me

anyone could see
i'll always wonder
what I meant to you

and why you hated me
what i did to you

i can't get anywhere
pretending i don't care
lying to everyone i see

when the only thing i needed was

one more day like yesterday

i'd pick you up, you'd put me down
wish you were still around
for one more day like yesterday

with you

and in the end

we didn't have a thing to say
still those games you play
then you passed away

i'll always wonder
why you had to leave
why you hated me

then laid the blame on me

cold antiseptic stares

the smell of the sickroom air
yeah, i let you go down there
the only child

who never cared about

Repeat chorus

i'll always wonder
if i could have meant more to you

i'll always wonder
if i could have done more for you
how i could just turn my back

how i could just walk away
how i could just close my eyes
and watch you die

we never got along
we never got a chance

to sing our song of love

i loved my daddy boy

did you love your boy?
oh, you feel so warm to me now
but it's cold in this room

tomorrow they'll put you in the ground
then there's nothing i can
ever do to have

Repeat chorus

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