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DEMON HUNTER lyrics : "Feel As Though You Could"

(feat. Dave Peters of Throwdown)

Oh, cheap thrill sand vacant youth
Carry out your own will

Shovel deep and bury truth
Social stain, punk wreck, mother's own defect
Sing that song you know so well

Sing it one foot in Hell
Eyes wide black
Turn your back

Oh, how the foolish will see
How every man he will bleed

The vultures circle, halo of the dead
Another vicious cycle, swall what you're fed
And now the vultures circle, halo of the dead

Another vicious cycle
Be true to your dissent.

Somehow feel as though you could
Somehow, in all your petty suffering
Burn this down

Rejection of weak trends and fake hate
This is what you're fighting for? Some fool's mistake

I will devour you
I'll overpower you
Rise from the ashes, screaming eternity

Ignite upon these words and breathe defeat
Your shallow deeds make Hell for wood and stone,

Flesh and bone,
This alone

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