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DEMON HUNTER lyrics : "Descending Upon Us"

This is our call: To see these idols fall
Drag them out into the light
Let fate devour whole

This is your fault
You fool of faith untrue
That we should face the grave with such a blackened view.

Oh, (this pain is true) we see the damage done in the eyes of those, turning away

Save your plea for the day that we suffer the wake of this treason.
Rain like fire descending upon us in holy resolve
Upon this ground.

Hollow name of fiive encircled frame
Deception incarnate: Receive my vow of hate.

Oh, (this pain is true) see how the blood will run into the eyes of those, turning away

We see the damage done
Resounding desecration
We see the damage done

Blackened insurrection

Suppress the pain of mind as long as you can bear

And feel the desperation clawing from within.
They say the truth is found when Hell is at your doorstep.
You'd better pray to see that time come to pass.

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