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Demis Roussos lyrics : "Wake Up"

Talking, people talking
But I can understand just what they say
The thoughts that fill my head are about tomorrow

What am I to do about today ?
Looking, people looking
But I can understand just what they see

If I shut my eyes sometimes it is much better
But how long can I go on living this way ?

Laughing, people laughing
The people are the same in every land
Do they laugh because they have no way of crying ?

Or cry because they have no wat to laugh ?
Freedom, they want freedom
Can this feeling be reality ?

Till one day the silly people will be asking
For an apple that as come before the tree

Answers, who has the answers ?
To all the questions that we have to ask ?
I can show you how to find a good solution

Aphrodite’s Child will tell you on the back


pom pom pom ...

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