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Demis Roussos lyrics : "Annabella"

When the stars begin to shine
The wind is flowing through my mind
Flocking waves the sea arise again

A vision calling from the sea
I see a clogging-up to me
I feel a strange force

Pulling me off of you


Annabella it’s you

And when we dance again

Up in the velvet sky
The moon is rise and high
We have to say goodbye

Ahhh yeah .....

The dawn is rising from the east
And seabirds call me back to be
Alone without your memories once more

The sand is warm beneath my feet
To stay again and I must live the time

The time I am forced to spent without you


Without you

And now you’re gonna dream
I kissed and touched your hair
And that our love is shared

Before we say goodbye

Ahhh yeah

When the sun has gone to sleep
And seabirds rest their weary wings

Fairy nights with candle light and stars

Melt the skies, a deeper blue

I am here, but where are you ?
Can’t you hear me calling you on the sea ?

Come to me

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