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DELTA GOODREM : Longer lyrics

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DELTA GOODREM lyrics : "Longer"

I see you everyday
I guess we walk the same way
To wherever we're going

Every morning and every night
Do you smile to be polite
No way of knowing

I can't explain it
But I'm not complaining
If I'm happy or sad

If only we had

Just a minute longer. Than this

Just a little closer. Than this
I would get to know you
A little bit better

I could tell you
If only we had
Just a minute longer

A moment had arrived
It was just the right time

For conversation
And he asked me
What do you do?

What is your name?
Where are you from?
But before long

We're at the station

And I was so frustrated

In fact devastated
I feel happy but sad
If only we had

I wonder
I wonder what you think about

Do you think about me
Maybe I'm a dreamer
But I just believe

And I know what I see
Forever wishing
There would be another day

Oh if only we had
I don't care happy or sad

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