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DELTA GOODREM : In This Life lyrics

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DELTA GOODREM lyrics : "In This Life"

I was nurtured I was sheltered
I was curious and young
I was searching for that something

Trying to find it on the run
Oh and just when I stopped looking
I saw just how far I'd come

In this life
In this life

You give me love
You give me light
Show me everything that's been happening

I've opened up my eyes
Three steps fight an honest fight

Two hearts that can start a fire
One love is all I need
In this life

I have faltered I have stumbled
I have found my feet again

I've been angry I've been shaken
Found a new place to begin
My persistence to make a difference

Has led me safe into your hands
In this life
In this life


I was put here for a reason
I was born into this world
And I'm living and I'm believing

I was meant to be your girl
In this life


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