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DEITRICK HADDON : Stir The Gift lyrics

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DEITRICK HADDON lyrics : "Stir The Gift"

I just wanna tell u a story

The record company got me on the phone
This morning
They said, 'Boy, u betta get that record done.'

Felt under pressure
So I flew back home to Detriot City

I asked the Lord to give me
One more song to sing
Just one more song, one more

So I went to church with my mother and father
That Sunday morning

And momma preached one message
She said, 'Prayer is the solution.'
When she got through preaching that message

God gave her a song
This is what she said [x2]

There's a power resting in you

There's a power resting in me
Stir the gift [x4]
That the Lord has placed in you

Yeah Yeah'
Good God Almighty

When she got through singing that song
It stirred up something on the inside of me, yeah
The anointing fell from the crown of my head

To the soles of my feet
And I just didn't sit there [x2]
I had to get up on my feet,

And I had to sing'.

There's a power resting in me

There's a power resting in you
Stir the gift [x4]
That's all you gotta do, yeah

Greater is He that is in thee
Than he that is the world
There's a power resting in me

There's a power resting in you
(God is going to give u everything u need)
Stir the gift [x4]

God has not given thee a spirit of fear
But of power and love

You gotta stir it up [repeat]
Stir up the gift, stir up your faith
Oh.. I wish I had somebody out there

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