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DEITRICK HADDON lyrics : "Stand Still"

Stand still and know that He is God;
and there's no need to fight,

the battle is not yours,
the battle is the Lord's.

[Verse 1:]
There is trouble at every sight,
so bad you wanna run and hide.

Your enemy is out for you
and you don?t know why.
It takes all your strength

to hold back your tears,
but you know you gotta face your fears,
let me whisper a word softly in your ears.


[Verse 2:]
Your enemies don?t know what they will do
when they declare war on you.

Don't you think by know
they would have figure out
the Lord will always see you through.

There ain't no reason to live in doubt,
God has already worked it out;
so stand back and move out of His way,

'cause He will bring a brighter day.


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