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DEITRICK HADDON lyrics : "My Soul Says Yes"

Let me start off by saying "you don't stand a chance"
My moves are so precise and so advanced.

Supplies fall from the skies, an item i specialize (first come first serve)
I'll let you think it's your but once it hit the floor i knew it was mine.
You, you try to run... but your just not fast enough to receive this gift.

I come out of nowhere, strike you with such force and speed. (pick up the sword)

Oh $%&^x you're done now! you're not looking to good as it is and your standing on unstable ground.

Let the games begin for i will not show a sign of weakness nor pity to those enemies who once were called a "friend".
I stick to the plan from the beginning to the end,
And we all know what that is now don't we... ?

Now shield as i try to attack...
Say goodnight...

It's sudden death my friend. that means your just one hit away. my heart will outlast yours(x2)
There is no one else. it's just one on one. as fair as it gets. show me what you got! i'll teach you a thing or two. oh it's so much fun.

(i fall to the ground) how could this happen. i was so prepared. i was so prepared.
No i will give up. don't you dare consider over. (rise to my feet) get up! get up!

Rise to my feet i'm standing strong. i see you there across the stage, time for revenge.
There's only one life. i'm not gonna fall again i swear i'll make my come back! (x2)

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