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DEITRICK HADDON lyrics : "It's raining"

(Oh) it's raining x8

Verse 1

Tossing and turning sleepless nights, I know I got to get it right.

Searching for something I know I need substance but I ain't got no appetite.
Umm, It's so cloudy can't get clear, man I need to change my atmosphere
I guess its time for me to face my fears, Lord tell me where do I go from here


Tears flowing down my face
Still won't wash the pain
I just want to get away

Can somebody stop the rain?
You said if I called Your name
You would come save the day

I'm just trying to find my way
Can somebody stop the rain?

(Oh) Its raining
(Oh) raining x8

Verse 2:
Got a whole lot of questions, no conclusions You making me search You out.

And I'm going through the motions, ??? In my focus see what you are all about
And on this journey through my soul, things about you I have come to know
I relinquish all control Lord I'm soaking wet and I'm way too cold




When it rains it pours
Don't wanna hurt any more
Will you comfort me

From my enemies
And its cold outside
I can no longer hide

Will you rescue me
Come and set me free

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