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DEITRICK HADDON lyrics : "I'm The One"

[Verse 1:]
I've been watchin you and holdin you all of your life

Even through wrong and right
But I'll still love you

Hate to see you hurt goin through so much pain
It don't have to be this way
Just let me love you

I can be the calm through your storm

I can be the way when your lost
I can be the smile when your down
Just reach out for me I'm here

I can give you joy so sweet
That it would make your love for me so deep

Just look up and close your eyes
Just reach out for me (and I'll be here)

I'm the one
That your searchin for

But the question is
Do you wanna be loved

I can ease the pain
I can stop the rain
But the question is

Do you wanna be loved

[Verse 2:]

Here's my resume
Take a look I'm qualified
It was me who gave you life

That's how much I love you

You can search all over but you will never find

I'm the way the truth the light
Why don't you choose me



[Bridge 2:]
Why don't you just call on me

I'll come runnin (I'll come runnin)
I'll meet you at the
I'll meet you at the point of your need

And I will answer (I will answer)
Yes I will
Just realize that I'm the one

[Chorus x3]

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