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Deer Tick : Smith hill lyrics

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Deer Tick lyrics : "Smith hill"

Elbows on the window sill
My head against the pane
You've seen so many grow and die

But you forgot most of their names

So I fire that arrow into the great big sky

And I hope that it never comes down
Unless you're coming with it
It's better with you around

I could drink myself to death tonight
Or I could stand and give a toast

To those who made it out alive
It's you I'll miss the most

But tonight I'll see my sweetheart
I've got a fifty dollar bill
But somewhere in her weak heart

She knows I never will

Oh love, it's hard to hide it

True love, it's hard to find it
Though I was once beside it
I've fallen far behind it

From a tiny room up on Smith Hill
It's easy to disappear

It's easier to run off hiding
Then say "I don't want you here"
I can't stand to face the facts

It'd only leave you hurt
I don't care much for what you have to say
But I'd like to know what you heard

Oh love, it's hard to hide it
True love, it's hard to fid it

Though I once was beside it
I've fallen far behind it

It's a long way free
You can't tread on me
And in the morning when you're crying

You'll see

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