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DEEP PURPLE lyrics : "Hell to Pay"

Big Betty or Two-tone Annie his hair was never right
He used to be cool with a glint in his eye but he lost it overnight
Spinning would change and things are rearranged and then Annie says to me

Nothing wrong with the way it was that's the way it's meant to be...

Up the revolution we're all prepared to die

Up the revolution that was the battle cry

There's gonna be Hell, Hell to pay

There's gonna be Hell, Hell to pay

Annie was a die-hard rebel in the good old days of way back when

The cigarette was cool and all the kids in school could read and count to ten
Annie once said he had a few to bribe of that there was no doubt
He never could make us understand what the rebellion was all about... (bridge/chorus)

Two-tone Annie drew up battle plans for making love not war
Everybody laughed at the fighting in the streets and behind the garden door

It came to nothing when it all went down and the band began to play
Another plan put your head in the sand live to fight another day... (bridge/chorus)

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