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DEBBY RYAN : Country Girl lyrics

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DEBBY RYAN lyrics : "Country Girl"

I was born on a farm
Where my mum milked the cattle,
A jug full of corn was my first baby rattle,

I could ride a tractor
Before I could ride a bike.

My very first date
Took my to the theater,
That boy's biggest dream

Was to grow the best Tater [cf. "Tater Tots"],
But I wanted to be much more
then a farmhand's wife.

So I packed up my bags
And I headed for the water,

They all waved "goodbye"
to the little farmers' daughter,
I was setting sail

For the best ride of my life!

Now I'm picking apples
At the Sistine Chapel,
Bailin' hay

On the Champs Elysées!
Yeah, I'm a country girl
In every country of the world!

Now shucking corn
Where Shakespeare was born,

And I'm eating grits
On the great pyramids!
Yeah, I'm a country girl

In every country of the world!

I'm just a country girl

In ever country of the world!

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