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DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE : President Of What? lyrics

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DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE lyrics : "President Of What?"

I saw the scene unfold on a rainy Sunday
Creases indicating folds that kept four walls from caving in
I took a little more of what I take for granted

And filled my plate with fear that gears would turn
And wheels would roll away

Something's got to break you down [x2]

Entered the scene (I'm told) on I think it was Monday

You drove straight through and mined that quarry
For all it could bleed 'til dry
I took a little more 'til I got taken for granted

'cause beautiful boys gave chase
And when they arch your backbone
It's such a dreadful sight

Something's got to break you down [x2]

I'll react when faces find you
With jealous fits that gag and bind you

'cause nothing hurts like nothing at all
When imagination takes full control

I saw the scene unfold [x4]

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