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DAZ DILLINGER : This Iz Not Over "Till We Say So" lyrics

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DAZ DILLINGER lyrics : "This Iz Not Over "Till We Say So""

[Daz intro]
Throughout the city the gunfire lit up the street
We ride for revenge honor and respect

Death to all y'all homeboys,
Catching ^!$$%s slipping, peeling there mother$#&@ing caps back
Yeah, the game, that's how we do it

Everyday all day, straight riding
$#&@ all y'all homeboys
(yo yo yo what's up)

[Daz Verse 1]
I'm back, banging on ^!$$%s after trying to murder me

Caught in the middle of greed, witness to trickery
Now I'm here, ready to die, remember me
On a hunt for you [email protected]$(s to put you out your misery

Made a more ? they die with bullet holes
44 explode that's when the story was told
My heart is as cold as the tundra

Automatic weapons warring like thunder
My final destiny is to put ya under
Come on warring whenever, me die, ^!$$% never

Through the storm and the weather my dogs a go-getter
Polish da chrome barretta catching you punk ^!$$%s
That's the element of surprise you ^!$$%s won't regret us

Like shooting birds with pellets, let the streets reveal it
Do or die mother$#&@ers trying to kill it
Yes you can, and ever since we won't have no peace

Till one of us rest in peace, alive or deceased
It's your choice, your move, show and prove yo hand
Get it off yo chest let me know that you's a man

Get your pistols and ^!$$%s cuz it's about to get %#@!ty
No remorse, no pity, you hear it all through the city

Trickery and scandalous (*##$es
^!$$%s, that I $#&@ed with

Wasn't no good from the jump
So now what we gone do
We gone ride,

We gone destroy, build, come anew
You know how we do
It's not over, till we say so


[Daz Verse 2]

Word on the street is that you better have some heat
By your side
Caught your homie slippin', did he survive?

One to the head left him dead off the words that he said
Could have been avoided if he would have drove off instead
^!$$% shot at my crib where my momma and kids live

No doubt, now it's time to take some more of you out
Scan the block with an inferred dot, just for a victim
There he go, there he was, there he go let's get him

My motto is no remorse and that you'll never surrender none
Only rely on your self and your gun
Biage, as I get high and look at the stars

Wish and wish and pray to God for our downfall
'Cause then it's back to the same thang, of this life I lead
(*##$es, money, and ^!$$%s, and weed

Bust a left on one O feral with a double pump barrel
Be careful, cause these streets could sometimes leave ya narrow
With the faith of Moses, and the power of Pharoe

With the bullets hotter than fire and as swift as an arrow
Death becomes your every wish you try to blast me and miss
Now me and my dogs commence to get in your %#@!

You say the lord is your shepherd and you shall not walk
It's time to gaffle up these ^!$$%s stick 'em dead in the trunk
Behold the last words spoken by a dead man

It seems to realize ^!$$%s 'll never understand


Yeah, it's not over
When I die my children will grow, and smoke your $$#

Starting our history book, Gangstaology
Throughout the streets we shall survive and live

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