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DAZ DILLINGER : That's Deep lyrics

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DAZ DILLINGER lyrics : "That's Deep"

[Daz Dillinger:]
We got them bricks (%#@!) we got them birds
Come $#&@ with us man...

Y'know ^!$$%z get real deep nowadays y'knahmsayin

When I think about life, THAT'S DEEP

All the years that he's faced, THAT'S DEEP
Damn, where'd his mind go? THAT'S DEEP
He became a dopefiend - THAT'S DEEP

20 inches beatin down the block
The wind blowin, I got the top on the drop down

Coastin up the coast, thinkin 'bout life
And all the struggles and strifes, I had to pay the price
Not guilty, not guilty, I just left court

The game that ^!$$%z play, see the life as a sport
No tellin where'd I be if I wasn't rappin
Be probably wrappin up birds, I'd be gettin the cabbage

But I'm blessed - I thank God for that
My momma PRAYED~! that I'd have that scratch
It's time for me, but this problem's too late

Cause my birthday, I'm blowin candles out with no cake
Went from a pound to shake, in a matter of hours
Left the hotrodder run while I'm takin a shower

I dry off, I smoke me some kush
Look at the news, and I trip offa Bush
Cause uhh

He got killed in Iraq, THAT'S DEEP
He got shot in his back, THAT'S DEEP

Homey yeah what happened? THAT'S DEEP
He kick the real when he rappin - THAT'S DEEP

Today on the news
Woman kills 3 children
What went through her mind?

Today, 8, goldmine workers, killed
8 people shot up, in a post office
What, goes on, through their mind?

My homey got stuck in the back of his truck
Probably from what he wanted, the ^!$$% price when a ^!$$% stuck

Cherish your life, you only one chance to live it
Do it for yourself or do it for the children
But the street life, is what the kids desire

We smoke weed, but they can only get high
You see many died, many tried
Where they lied, he got a 100 lives

He in the pen stretched out, now when his kids grow up
They can say - daddy missed out
Now behind bars, not behind a wall on the streets

You can't escape when becomin a G
Because uhh

Yeah, everybody out there
If y'all don't get up, stand for somethin you'll fall for anythang
Get out there, get you some money


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